Lead Inspection

Lead inspection only applies to homes or buildings built prior to 1978.

Phase I Lead Inspection

Phase I is recommended for people trying to satisfy HUD/Section 8 Housing Inspection and Sampling requirements. This inspection includes the following:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health licensed lead inspection.
  • All HUD mandated lead sampling
  • Analysis of lead wipe/lead built samples
  • Certification of compliance with HUD Requirements for Residential Housing
  • Illinois Department of Public Health licensed lead risk accessor clearance certification.

Inspection - $250.00
Analysis of Lead Wipe Samples - $50.00/sample
Analysis of Lead Chip Samples - $50.00/sample

Phase II Lead Inspection

Phase II is recommended for people with elevated blood lead levels, and parents with children having learning disabilities. Includes the following:

  • All components of Phase I inspection
  • Air sampling performed by a IDPH licensed lead risk accessor
  • Analysis of lead air samples
  • Interpretation of air sampling results by an IDPH Licensed Lead Risk Accessor

Inspection - $250.00
Analysis of Lead Wipe/Bulk Air Samples - $50.00/sample

TRF Environmental and Consulting Services provides lead inspection, lead abatement, lead testing and environmental services. Lead inspection, abatement and removal for Chicago, Plainfield, Naperville and surrounding suburbs.

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