Mold Inspection

Phase I Residential Mold Inspection

Recommended to people selling or purchasing real estate, or individuals with specific areas of concern. This inspection includes the following:

  • Certified Mold Inspection
  • Tape lift testing of visible mold
  • Analyzing of tape lift samples
  • Written report includes:
    • Interpretation of sample results
    • Level of toxicity of each mold tested
    • Procedures required by EPA to remediate the mold contaminated area.
    • Recommendation for the resolution of the moisture problems associated with mold
    • Cost estimate of mold cleanup or removal as required by the EPA

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check, Cash

Total cost: $250.00

Phase II Residential Mold Inspection and Air Sampling

Recommended for people with health concerns; respiratory symptoms, allergies, etc. or people concerned about sources of mold in inaccessible areas where visual access is not feasible.

Inspection includes the following:

  • All components of the Phase I inspection
  • 3 areas and 1 ambient (exterior) air samples for comparison
  • Analyzing of air samples
  • Interpretation of air sample results
  • Written recommendation for the resolution of elevated levels of mold in the air.

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Personal Check, Cash

Total Cost: $550.00

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