Roger L. Keller


Mr. Keller graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1980 with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering Technology. He began his work experience in the field of mechanical system design, Fabrication and Installation, primarily designing and managing the installation of mechanical systems for industrial and institutional facilities.

Mr. Keller began his career as an independent consultant in the environmental health and safety in 1982. He worked as an Asbestos Designer and Inspector, branching out into air quality testing, property condition assessments, UST/LUST site evaluations, lead abatement design and testing.

Mr. Keller presently holds current Illinois licenses in Asbestos Inspection, Project Management, Supervisor, Management Planners, Air Sampling Professional, Lead Inspector, Risk Accessor, UST installations, retrofitting and decommissioning. He is a certified mold inspector and proficient in mold spore identification. His experience covers a wide range of institutional, industrial and government facilities, planning and coordinating mechanical and environmental engineering projects.


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification - McCrone Research Institute 12/9/05
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher - OTS 2/23/05
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher - OTS 2/23/04
Mold Inspector - McCrone 12/1/03
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher - OTS 2/23/03
Lead Risk Assessor - OTS 3/10/02
Lead Inspector - OTS 3/8/02
Mold Supervisor - Amerisafe Inc. 5/3-4/02
Lead Risk Assessor - OTS 3/10/00
Lead Inspector - OTS 3/8/00
Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher - OTS 2/23/00
40 hr Hazardous Incident Response Operations EPA (165.5) Training - IESMC, Inc. 10/6/99
Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning - International Fire Code Institute 5/25/99
Train the Trainer course for Powder Actuated Tools - Amerisafe Training Services 4/30/99
Asbestos Inspectors Refresher - Public Health & Safety, Inc. 4/14/99
Management Planner Refresher - Public Health & Safety, Inc. 4/14/99
Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Refresher - OTS 4/19/99
Asbestos Management Planning - The Great Lakes Center 4/17/98
Asbestos Building Inspection - The Great Lakes Center 4/15/98
Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor & Project Supervisor Asbestos Abatement - The Great Lakes Center 3/13/98
Asbestos Accreditation Refresher - APM 12/7/94
Building Inspector - Moraine Valley 4/7/94
Management Planner - Moraine Valley 4/7/94
Contractor/Supervisor - APM 12/22/93
Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification - Ferris State University 12/8/93
Management Planner - Moraine Valley 4/16/93
Building Inspector - Moraine Valley 4/16/93
Contractor/Supervisor - APM 1/5/93
Contractor/Supervisor - APM 4/13/92
Management Planner - Moraine Valley 4/6/92
Building Inspector - Moraine Valley 4/6/92
Training Course Instructor - Division of Environmental Health, Asbestos Program 8/20/91
Asbestos Management Planner Refresher - American Asbestos Institute 4/30/91
Asbestos Inspector Refresher - American Asbestos Institute 4/30/91
U.S. EPA & IDPH Accredited Contractors/Supervisor Course Refresher - IPC Chicago 12/19/90
Contractor - Supervisor Course - ESCOR, Inc. 2/27/90
Management Planning Course - ESCOR, Inc. 2/26/90
Building Inspection Course - ESCOR, Inc. 2/26/90
Ahera, Accreditation for Inspector Refresher - Moraine Valley 9/25/89
Ahera Accreditation for Management Planer Refresher - Moraine Valley 9/25/89
U.S. EPA Accredited Contractors/Supervisor Course - IPC Chicago 9/1/89
Asbestos Fiber Counting - McCrone Research Institute 9/18/89
EPA - Model Accreditation Course - The Environmental Institute 2/24/89
Asbestos in Buildings: Inspector and Management Planner Refresher - The Environmental Institute 1/17/88
Asbestos in Building: Abatement Project Supervision Level II - The Environmental Institute 9/8/88
Management Planning - University of Illinois at Chicago 11/3/87
Building Inspection Course - University of Illinois at Chicago 11/3/87
Practices and Procedures in Asbestos Control - University of Illinois at Chicago 5/22/87
Technical Development Program - Carrier Air Conditioning Company 12/19/85


TRF Environmental Inc.
Naperville, Illinois
Asbestos Project Management
Downers Grove, Illinois
Keller Engineering Inc.
Naperville, Illinois

  • Mold Inspector
  • Mold Spore Identification
  • Air Sampling Professional
  • Asbestos and Lead Building Inspector
  • Asbestos Course Instructor
  • Asbestos Management Planner
  • Asbestos and Lead Project Manager
  • Lead Risk Accessor
  • Lead Abatement Designer
  • Hazardous Material Response Worker/Project Manager
  • UST/LUST  Decommissioning and Installation/Retrofitting Supervisor
  • Environmental Audit Specialist
  • Soil and Water Sampling Expert
  • Mechanical System Project Estimator and Design
  • Assistant in the Design, Fabrication and Field Installation of Pollution Plants Primarily for the Tank Water Industry.


Illinois Licenses Held:

  • Air Sampling Professional
  • Asbestos Building Inspector
  • Asbestos Project Manager
  • Asbestos Supervisor
  • Asbestos Management Planner
  • Lead Inspector
  • Lead Risk Assessor
  • UST/LUST Decommissioning and Installation (IFCI Certification)
  • IDPH Certified Instructor for all Asbestos Disciplines
    • Inspector
    • Management Planner
    • Supervisor
    • Worker
    • Air Sampling Professional

Michigan Licenses Held:

  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Air Sampling Professional

Indiana Licenses Held:

  • Asbestos Inspector
  • Air Sampling Professional


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