Mold Remediation services for , IL

  1. Isolate the work areas from the living space with 1- layer of 6mil plastic sheeting.
  2. The mold remediation in , IL will be performed utilizing a negative pressure enclosure with 1- 2,000 CFM HEPA air filtration unit to remove spores from the air during cleaning.
  3. Remove, bag and dispose of contaminated materials.
  4. The wood framing where drywall, baseboard and paneling etc. was removed will be treated with Foster 40-80 biocide cleaner brushed, cleaned and HEPA vacuum to remove spores from the surface.
  5. The wood framing where drywall, baseboard, paneling, etc. was removed must be encapsulated with Fosters 40-25 fungicidal encapsulant to prevent future mold growth.
  6. Perform air sampling to prove the area is safe to re-occupy.
  7. Remove isolation barriers and dispose of all waste.
  8. 10 year guarantee the mold will not return to the surfaces treated with the Fosters 40-25 fungicidal encapsulant (white pigment).

    Note: Procedures can vary based on the location and type of material affected.

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